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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are easy to wear while still correcting your vision. Choosing the right contact lenses for you depends on both your vision, as well as overall comfort. Thankfully there are several types of contacts to work for every situation. Different kinds of contact lenses include:

Soft Contact Lenses:

The most frequently prescribed due to their tremendous comfort. Soft contacts are now available in multi focal, for astigmatism and even for overnight wear. Soft contact lenses include:

Hard Contact Lenses:

Known also as rigid or gas-permeable lenses, these contact offer enhanced vision correction and can be used in correcting severe astigmatisms and nearsightedness. These lenses tend to however be less comfortable initially compared to the soft lenses.

Here at Fokas Eyecare, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses tailored to each person's needs. A correct fit on your lenses is incredibly important, and a correct prescription for your eye shape and specific needs is our specialty.

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